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The WCTC Library lends equipment, for no charge. Borrowing equipment is recommended for short-term needs. All the equipment that we lend is on our Lending Information page (*See note below). That page shows what we lend, to whom, and for how long. The Library lends these types of laptops:

  • Apple laptops (MacBook Pros) for 6-hour periods (on-campus use only).
  • iPads (with keyboards so they operate somewhat like laptops) for 7 days (off-campus use allowed).

If a student with a short-term need prefers a Windows-based laptop, they can borrow one from the IT Service Desk during their office hours.


Clicking on items on the Lending Information page will lead to the catalog record for the items which will show availability. For example, we have three MacBook Pros to lend and the catalog record shows whether they are available or not. All equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

A WCTC myCard (student ID) is required to check out equipment, and a Statement of Responsibility must be signed, either when the equipment is borrowed or by selecting the link to sign ahead of time. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign this document.

The WCTC Bookstore has information about purchasing or renting equipment for longer-term needs. They offer a rent-to-own option as well. Financial aid may be used for equipment rentals and purchases from the Bookstore.